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Terms & Conditions of Moodle Hosting
by RK-Idées

In order for me to offer this service at such a reasonable price, you and I have to agree on certain terms and conditions:

In return for the fees you pay, I will grant you access, through user accounts and course websites, to my Moodle server. This is a shared space. Your course website shares the common Moodle space with the other course websites on my Moodle server and my Moodle server shares space with other users on the host server. In order for this sharing to proceed without incident, you agree not to use your Moodle user accounts or sites for any purpose other than pedagogical development and/or teaching. You agree to monitor the use of the site, by yourself or by those to whom you grant access, so that no activity or material posted contravene any laws of Canada or Quebec, most notably copyright laws, or be an affront to commonly accepted rules of etiquette and good taste. You agree to post only static documents and not to attempt to execute any computer software or other automated scripts from the site, or to attempt to circumvent in any way the security systems of Moodle. You agree to monitor your use of the site so that you, and those to whom you grant access, remain within the storage and bandwidth limitations on your account or failing that, to pay the additional fees indicated. You further agree that I retain the right to monitor the contents and activity of your site and to remove, without warning, any files or material that appear, at my sole discretion, to contravene the terms above. You agree that I may terminate your account at any time as a result of any activity which, at my sole discretion, contravenes the spirit of the terms above.

While I agree to do my best to maintain a stable service, unforeseen events and failures are part of the nature of any computer service. Moodle provides excellent backup tools and you agree to make appropriate use of these tools so as to insulate yourself against any losses that my may occur due to any failures or interruptions of service on the part of my Moodle server. If you use your account on my Moodle server in teaching to third parties, they must agree to be bound by the the same conditions outlined here. Furthurmore, you must plan your use of my Moodle server so as to minimise the affect any losses of service might have on these third parties. You agree to hold me blameless and to indemnify me against any claims these third parties may have stemming from any interruption of service or from any losses due to software or system failure, regardless of whether these events are my fault or not.

It is impossible to foresee all eventualities, and so you agree that I may change these terms and conditions at any time, and such changes will have effect as soon as they are communicated to you via e-mail, at the address which you agree to keep current in my records.

You agree to accept a pro-rated refund of fees paid as full and final compensation for 1) your cancelling of your account as a result of any change of terms and conditions with which you do not agree, 2) my cancelling of your account, 3) any interruption of service, 4) the cessation of service, 5) the removal of files or other material or 6) any other event or disruption.


  • A Moodle account for yourself and one practice or development site (sample students only): $ 15/semester

  • A Moodle site for a live course: $ 50/semester
  • $ 5/student/course/semester

  • Additional Storage: $5/100mb/month
  • Additional Bandwidth: $5/1gb/month

  • Basic fees are payable in advance, in Canadian dollars, and are subject to applicable GST and PST
  • Any additional fees are payable with 30 days of receipt of invoice.
  • For more information, contact

  • Roger Kenner
    September, 2008